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Student Feedback- Noise in the library


The Mt. Royal library has always had issues pertaining student miss use of facilities. In 2008 school security would monitor, and enforce library policies. This was stopped by 2009 and it has been a slippery slope since.
Last year noise levels were out of hand and when, on this very same forum, complaints by your fellow students were made, the forum was deleted.
Mt. Royal’s library is a joke, not due to staff or lack of resources; the students use the facilities as a lounge of sorts. IT’S A LIBRARY NOT STARBUCKS!
For those wishing to actually get work done the EA building has a computer lab that is actually used for academic purposes.


Thank you for sharing your frustration with noise control in the Library. Balancing the demands for quiet study space and collaborative/conversational space in our very limited, very crowded space is an ongoing challenge in the Library. And it is probably made worse right now by the crunch on overall study space on campus and exams.
We have designated our viewing room as an interim quiet/silent study area. It is not an ideal study area and we do have plans to renovated it very soon, but it is a quieter spot you might find helpful right now.   We also know it is exam time and the need for a more quiet library is even more important so we are working hard to keep the noise down during exams.  Your comments indicate we need to do better so we will work on this.
We try to work hard in the Library to create a welcoming and respectful library environment that supports the needs of all learners. However, needs vary dramatically,  and sometimes conflict — as in the case of noise.    Many students complain about how noisy the library is, while others share a desire to have a place for group work/conversation. We encourage students to consider the needs of other library users.
Students are welcome to converse in a fashion that does not disrupt other library users.  However, if you are being disturbed by excessive noise from a nearby table or carrel, please feel free to let that person know he/she is disturbing you. You are also welcome to talk to someone at a service desk and we will be happy to address the situation.

– Carol Shepstone, Library Director