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Guess Who's Going Green?

You may have noticed some emails from MRU Library in your inbox lately. The Library is making the switch from paper to email notices for overdue material and fine-related information. And we’re also sending a friendly little reminder before your books are due. Our new initiative is intended to reduce our environmental impact and get you the information you need in a more timely fashion. We hope it may also save you a dollar or two! For more information, contact .

4 thoughts on “Guess Who's Going Green?

  1. I must say that I suggested this idea back in October 2009 on a library “suggestions card.” I must have been the not the only one complaining. Long story short. Thanks for the new notifications.

  2. That’s great to hear – Hopefully there will be some tangible savings by doing this.

    It’s worth mentioning though, that the capability to send email has been around since the early 1990s. Further to this, with a little bit of pressure, the IT department could have implemented this feature into existing infrastructure with reasonable effort – any software engineer or computer scientist worth their weight would know this.

    This probably could have been done a long time ago if there was the willpower to make it happen. But, at least it’s done!

  3. We agree! Paperless notices are, indeed, long overdue. We are happy to finally be able to make this improvement, which – believe it or not – we have been working on for quite sometime. Thanks for your feedback.

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