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Changes to Library space for Fall 2010

You spoke…we heard!

Exciting new changes are coming to the Library in time for the Fall 2010 semester. Come down to Main Street (just outside the library) on Wednesday, April 21 or Thursday, April 22 from 11am-2pm for the opportunity to see exactly how your library will be transformed. There will be posters and floor plans outlining what’s changing and library staff will be available to answer any questions. Take this chance to see how we’ve incorporated your feedback into a functional, positive space.

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8 thoughts on “Changes to Library space for Fall 2010

  1. This is exicting! I am very impressed, and grateful, that MRU is taking an active role in finding a solution that respects everyone. I look forward to finding out more; it’s also exciting to see how the campus is evolving, and will continue to reflect the needs of our diverse student-body. Props!

  2. we need a second floor on the library, and the ceiling is too high that echoes the noise too much.

  3. There should be some accessible, compiled list of which computers have which software. Please put this list on Blackboard somewhere, as well as posted in computer labs and library areas so that students who do not have access for whatever reason to specialized labs can get their projects done. This will serve to spread students out more efficiently and lower talking and questions.

  4. I think there needs to be some area specifically for group studying so that the noise doesn’t conflict.

  5. Library is WAYYY too loud, and the private rooms have paper thin walls. Sounds proof rooms would be nice, and more of them. Perhaps someone to roam around to enforce a quiet library, in one instance I almost got into a fight because I’d asked a group to be quiet, the noice is ridiculous and for a fight to (nearly) breakout because of it is quite sad.

  6. For those of us who missed the presentations on April 21 and 22, where can we find information about the Library’s transformation?

  7. I cannot believe how loud our library is and how inconsiderate our fellow students are. There needs to be some sort of enforcement of library rules. I know that there are designated study area’s for silent study and also for quiet group discussions, but students STILL do not abide. Everyday I come to study, I am blown away by the noise level, even during the final exam period. The library is not somewhere to come and socialize. If we cannot find quiet in the library, where do we go?

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