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Student Feedback – Library Staff


Purpose of your visit?
“To get some material for a research paper.”

Were staff knowledgeable, courteous, & able to assist you?

Did you get what you needed?

Suggestions / comments on how we can improve?
“My experience with staff at MRU so far has been awful.  Most receptionists have been rude & unhelpful.  Which is why I was surprised when Katharine was so approachable and friendly.  She understood exactly what I was looking for and showed me how to find related material with the database.  She went beyond her duties when she asked me more about my project and (as she was just finishing her shift) she walked me to the aisle I needed and helped me get started with finding a couple of books.  I didn’t even need to ask and she made me feel welcome and told me to come back and ask if I still couldn’t find enough info.  Please make sure she knows how much this is appreciated by students.  It is rare.  Thank you!!”


Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback about one of our Librarians.  We will be sure to pass along your comments to Katharine!

We are sorry to hear that you have had less than positive experiences with other MRU staff in the past. Customer service is very important to us in the Library and Katharine is a great example of that when it comes to supporting students.

Student Feedback – Slow WiFi Connection

Suggestion from student on how we can improve:
“The speed of the WiFi connection in the library is very slow, a dial up would be faster than this!!”

Response from MRU IT department:
“We’re addressing the network bandwidth performance by adding a second 100 Megabits Internet connection, and we hoped to have up and running originally by March 22, but now has been pushed back to May 1.
Currently we have a 100 megabit connection from Telus, and we sustain close to 90% of capacity.

With the limited bandwidth we have today it was necessary to control the wireless traffic on campus to avoid filling the link to capacity, which would result in network congestion for staff, faculty and labs. For your information, we allocated 30 megabits to wireless, which leaves 70 megabits for the rest of the campus. Once the second connection is in place we’ll increase the wireless network bandwidth to 65 megabits.”