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Welcome Back

Welcome to the Library and Fall Term 2010

Welcome to all new and returning MRU students.  Fall term promises to be exciting as always, and before you all get too far into the work of the term, I want to share a few Library highlights.

New Study Zones

For those of you familiar with the Library last year you will notice a number of changes have occurred over the summer.  In fact we undertook a large-scale Library “facelift” project that included moving every item in the collection at least once, shifting 500 boxes of lesser used items to storage and moving some 4,000 linear feet of shelving.  All of this shifting and moving was in direct response to student concerns regarding lack of space and high noise levels in the Library. Through student consultations and  Library and campus Facilities input, we were able to come up with a “facelift”  plan that we hope students will find a big improvement.   Let us know what you think of the changes.

So what did we do?

  • Created clearly labelled study zones for individual silent study and quiet group work so all MRU students can still find their place in the Library without disrupting the work of others
  • Created a silent study room / classroom from renovated viewing room –  seats 38
  • Added and moved shelving and books to create sound buffers and delineate zones
  • Regrouped furniture to accommodate zoning and added 30 new seats
  • Added bar-style seating with more power access (should be arriving at end of September)
  • Added study booths with shared screen technology to accommodate collaboration and group work (should be arriving in mid October)

New Library Hours

Please note our revised Library hours for the fall term:

Monday – Thursday 7:45am-10pm
Friday – 7:45am – 6pm
Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 12–8pm

As always – check the website for extended exam hours, and holiday hours.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. I am writing regarding the double-standard regarding the regulations for keeping the Viewing Room door open.

    Just before noon today, 20-Oct-10, I was working in the Viewing Room and tried to close the door because the noise from the Library itself was very distracting. It was promptly re-opened, and I was informed that “sad but true,” the door was to remain open because it was a fire regulation. Here is where I become confused, frustrated, and aware of a glaring double-standard.

    Multiple times throughout the day the door to the Viewing Room has been closed – when it has been booked for a class.

    I was told that the door had to remain open because it was a fire regulation.

    What is the difference between the room being booked, and students using it for ‘Silent Study?’ To me this double-standard doesn’t even make sense.

    Can someone please tell me why Professors get special privileges with fire regulations? Classes watching a film require just as much quiet as do the students looking for solace from the noisy library.

    Being able to use the Viewing Room has been a huge advantage, and I am very grateful to the library for listening to the concerns of students and providing this. The problem with having to keep the door open is that the noise of the library tends to make people forget that the Viewing Room has been classified a Silent Study Space, and they continue the conversations as they enter the room, and long after they’ve sat down. People also seem to think that the Viewing Room is a great place to eat their lunches, which also shows that people aren’t seeing the distinction between the main Library space, and the Viewing Room.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for your comment and I apologize for the delay in responding to it. This is a very good question and I did some investigating to figure out why the door must be open when a class is not in session. The reason is almost as the library worker stated, it is a safety concern to have the door closed during the study times. Since staff cannot see into this room while the door is closed we cannot monitor what is going on in there. For the personal safety of the students using the room the door must stay open.

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

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