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Student Feedback – Cleaning in the Library


Purpose of your visit: Studying

Were staff knowledgeable, courteous, & able to assist you? N/A

Did you get what you needed? Yes, lots of study space.

Suggestions / comments on how we can improve:

You should have the cleaners come by to empty the garbage’s more often. Nearly every time I’m here they are full.


Thank you very much for your suggestion. During the busy times of the semester when the library is full throughout the day it doesn’t seem to take long for garbage and recycling to build up. We are committed to providing a clean and comfortable space for students and faculty, and are currently discussing solutions with our custodial staff. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 🙂

Student Feedback – Spanish Resources


Purpose of your visit: N/A

Were staff knowledgeable, courteous, & able to assist you? Librarian staff are always helpful!

Did you get what you needed?

I’d like to request more books, videos, and DVD’s in Spanish. The BA with a major in Spanish do not have many selections. The BA in MRU is new and we will like to see more materials. Thank you.

Suggestions / comments on how we can improve:


We are definitely working on this! The library acknowledges that our current selection of Spanish-language books and videos is limited, and we are working diligently to improve this. Because the BA in Spanish is a recent development (we taught a lot of beginner and intermediate Spanish in the past) we are currently working to acquire more items as quickly as possible with the resources we have available. Certainly, the subject librarian would welcome any suggestions of particular books, videos, or other materials that a person would like to see. J You can also make specific suggestions in the suggestion box, or on the library blog.
P.S. Glad to hear you have found our service helpful, thanks for the kudos.

Student Feedback – Books on Hold

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Purpose of your visit:

Were staff knowledgeable, courteous, & able to assist you?

Did you get what you needed?

No, I had a book on hold (I was #1) and it was due Oct.2, however when I looked at the computer again, it was signed out to someone else for Oct. 27. I had to buy the book.

Suggestions / comments on how we can improve:


Ack! Sorry to hear that you had troubling obtaining the book that you requested. I am not certain what happened with this specific book, but do we try our best to make sure that patrons receive the books they need. When a book that is on hold comes in, we make every effort to notify the requesting patron, by both phone and email. Once contact is made we hold the item for five days to be picked up before re-shelving or passing it onto the next person in line. If this should happen again, please come to the Circulation-Reserves desk and we will investigate what went wrong.

You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

Such an amazing response to our Love the Library contest!  It was a tough decision for the judges…

Winner of the written category is Sean Miko:

“Knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone. That’s where Mount Royal University’s library excels. Knowledgeable staff, an incredible amount of resources, and a comfortable study environment are what complete this beautiful library. So if you’re looking to get some work done, come to the Mount Royal library for some literary fun.”

Winner of the video category is Nathan Johnson:

We will be in touch with the winners shortly to arrange the pick up of the prizes.  Thanks to all who entered!

Sex, Death, and the Superhero

If you read the article called “Superhero Life Lessons” by MRU’s own Anika Van Wyk then you have heard of the new book written by MRU profs Richard Harrison and Lee Easton called “Secret Identity Reader”.

Did you know the book is available at MRU library? Borrow it today and be one of the first to read this collection of essays and learn about sex, love and death from the comic book stars.

Viewing pdfs from Ebsco & JSTOR

The following issues have been noticed, please be advised:

-If students use IE (Internet Explorer) when they are searching EBSCO at our computers, the pdf will not open in the EBSCO frame.  IE blocks the file as a security risk. You have to click on the bar that appears at the top of the screen and ask to specifically download the file.

-JSTOR pdfs won’t open in Firefox on library computers.

Please try using an alternative browser if you are having difficulty viewing a pdf from one of our databases.  If you are still having issues, please ask for assistance at the Information Desk.  Thank you.