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Sex, Death, and the Superhero

If you read the article called “Superhero Life Lessons” by MRU’s own Anika Van Wyk then you have heard of the new book written by MRU profs Richard Harrison and Lee Easton called “Secret Identity Reader”.

Did you know the book is available at MRU library? Borrow it today and be one of the first to read this collection of essays and learn about sex, love and death from the comic book stars.

Viewing pdfs from Ebsco & JSTOR

The following issues have been noticed, please be advised:

-If students use IE (Internet Explorer) when they are searching EBSCO at our computers, the pdf will not open in the EBSCO frame.  IE blocks the file as a security risk. You have to click on the bar that appears at the top of the screen and ask to specifically download the file.

-JSTOR pdfs won’t open in Firefox on library computers.

Please try using an alternative browser if you are having difficulty viewing a pdf from one of our databases.  If you are still having issues, please ask for assistance at the Information Desk.  Thank you.