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The Library Wants You!

Student Technology and the new Library & Learning Centre – tell us what you need!

Planning is underway for the Library and Learning Centre, and we would like to hear from students about their technology needs and how to meet them in the new building.

Are your technology needs currently being met on campus? How could technology support for your studies be improved? Come and talk to us about how the new building can best support your learning technology needs.

Let us know in the comments below your ideas for the new library.

More questions? Feel free to contact Alice Swabey at or 403.440.7241

4 thoughts on “The Library Wants You!

  1. More solid WiFi reception? How about being able to connect to the library’s printers via Bluetooth, or perhaps an app that allows students to manage their printing accounts and pay online? There’s lots of possibilities!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Logan, these are great ideas! We will make note of them and see what we can do.

  3. It should have a prayer room separate for boys and girls. In this way, anyone who wishes to read religious texts or practise their faith can do so. I think lots of students would really appreciate it. I see many students praying in empty classrooms and it makes me sad that no accommodation can made for them.

  4. Plugins. Lots of them. in innovative places so there are no electricity deserts in the midst of a sea of tables. Natural lighting allowed in everywhere possible. Smaller spaces so that noise is smothered better than the library and other spaces where it resonates so far. At the same time, rows of study carols are depressing, so include some common areas too. i swear, half the people in this school just “study” to be seen, so let them have their own area. adjustable height chairs so it’s easier to sit at a desk studying for a long time without wrecking wrists/shoulders/necks/backs. if there are couches, please let them be more normal than the ones already spread all over the school. those are impossible to sit on as the back rests are too far away to be useful for anyone shorter than 6 foot. plant life. real, green, vegetative plants. not the fake looking office tree’s that you can touch and still not tell if they’re real. some kind of central flower bed in the floor idea would be awesome. and a puppy or dog room that’s purpose built where dogs just are. i haven’t seen a dog all year. i may come up with more ideas later…

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