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MRU media makers: 09/14/2015

MRU in the News

Fabulous opening of the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts: (Calgary Herald)

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

1.) Alberta and Saskatchewan may be the only places the Conservatives will still have a lock in federal election, says pollster: (Calgary Sun — Keith Brownsey, professor)

2.) Parties show lack of social-media savvy as candidates take hits online: (Globe & Mail — David Taras, professor)

3.) Big spending by Conservatives didn’t translate into votes in Alberta election: (CBC — David Taras, professor)

4.) Local criminologist: Calgarians need to be reassured about focus on gun violence: (660 News — Doug King, professor)

5.) Local science student takes to the cat walk: (Cochrane Times — Christine Champagne, student)
Other notable mentions

White: Do we really need to develop West Village? (Calgary Herald)


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