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MRU Media Makers: 07/24/2017

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

‘You really have to move on’: As B.C. wildfire evacuees return, mayors look ahead: (CBC News — Tim Haney, faculty)

‘Battle for the centre‘ emerges in Alberta as unite-the-right vote succeeds: (CBC News — Lori Williams, faculty) &

Unity test begins in Alberta after big win for conservative merger: (Globe & Mail)

Eyes turn to Unified Conservative Party’s first leader post-merger vote: (CTV News Calgary)

Birth of United Conservative Party prompts excitement, discomfort: (Calgary Herald)

An unknown could take the United Conservative leadership: (Metro News)

Conservative Party Merger Alters Landscape in Canada’s Oil Patch: (Bloomberg News — Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Echoes of Trump in Sask. government’s response to GTH land deal access requests: Expert: (CBC News — Sean Holman, faculty)

‘Slick, organized’ Hells Angels little risk to public, says Calgary crime expert: (CBC News — Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

PC, Wildrose members begin unity vote: (66o News  — Keith Brownsey, faculty)

Nenshi says Calgary council not likely to say ‘yes’ to Olympic bid next week: (Metro News — Lori Williams, faculty)

‘The Great Game’ that betrays Canada’s First Nations: (Toronto Sun/Postmedia — Frances Widdowson, faculty)


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