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MRU Media Makers: 10/06/2017

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

Sundberg: In the face of adversity, violence and hate, take pride in being Canadian: (Calgary Herald – Kelly Sundburg, Faculty)

Calgary municipal voter turnout expected to be high: expert: (Metro – Lori Williams, Faculty)

Calgarians almost evenly split on secondary suites: poll:  (Calgary Herald – Aria Burrell, Student, SAMRU)

Alberta analyst responds to TransCanada killing Energy East pipeline project: (Global News – Duane Bratt, Faculty)

High density developments and taxes among Ward 7 residents’ top concerns at election forum: (Calgary Journal, Calgary Herald – Jolene Rudisuela, Student)

We asked Ward 1 candidates to take a stand on the issues. Here is what they had to say: (Calgary Journal, Calgary Herald – Journalism students)

Voter turnout 152% higher than last Calgary election on 1st day of advance polls: (CBC News – Duane Bratt, Faculty)

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