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MRU Media Makers: 01/02/2018

MRU in the News

Alberta’s universities working on cannabis policy: (Metro)

Looking back at Calgary arts in 2017: (Calgary Herald – Bella Concert Hall)

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

Calgary merchants forced to innovate in battle against online retailers: (Calgary Herald – Donna Lazdowski, Faculty)

Questions about marijuana and travel: (660 News – Kelly Sundberg, Faculty)

UPC leader Jason Kenney looks to build on big wins from 2017: (Globe and Mail – Duane Bratt, Faculty)

Edmonton student entrepreneurs position their colleagues for work: (Edmonton Journal – Marc Nzojibwami, Student)

Notley still working on relationship with Calgary: (Calgary Herald – Lori Williams, Faculty)

Many Central Alberta athletes suffering concussions: (Red Deer Advocate – Nakita Schaab, Student)

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