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MRU Media: 11/14/2018

This report is a weekday roundup of news about MRU, faculty experts, students and alumni, and other topics of interest.

MRU in the news

U of C Australian Football Club brings university championship to Calgary: (The Gauntlet)

Students/experts/alum in the news

Calgarians vote NO to bid for Olympics 2026: (Calgary Herald – Duane Bratt, faculty)

What result do you want in an Olympic bid?: (CBC Radio, Alberta at Noon, Nov. 13 – David Finch, faculty)

City-wide reaction to Calgary’s vote to host the 2026 Olympics: (Calgary Herald – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Olympic bid: What happens now?: (CBC News at 11 – Lori Williams, faculty)

Does Calgary Really Want the Winter Olympics? Does Anyone?: (New York Times – David Finch, faculty)

Senior staffers’ spending is four times higher than reported — and Calgary taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill: (Star Metro Calgary – Sean Holman, faculty)

Robocalls and emails: Last-minute campaigning before 2026 Games vote: (CTV News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Why are so many mountains in Kananaskis named after British warships from the First World War?: (Star Metro Calgary – Geoff Jackson, faculty)

Also worth noting

Opinion: Tuition freeze won’t leave institutions in the cold: (Edmonton Journal – Marlin Schmidt, advanced education minister)

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