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MRU Media: 02/07/2019

This report is a weekday roundup of news about MRU, faculty experts, students and alumni, and other topics of interest.

MRU in the News

Thank You For Being A Friend puppet show celebrates The Golden Girls: (CBC Radio, The Homestretch – Bella Concert Hall)

Students/experts/alum in the news

Out of the closet: Easing the backlash against same-sex couples in advertising: (The National Post, The Conversation – Mohammed El Hazzouri, faculty)

Journalists and the Legislature Scandal: A Story of Secrecy, Insiders and Power: (The Tyee – Sean Holman, faculty)

Alberta Prime Time Political Panel: (CTV 2, Feb. 5, 9:20  – Archie McLean and Lori Williams, faculty)

Taking the leap: Small business and self-employment in Alberta: Perch, the Podcast, ATB’s The Owl – Ray DePaul, faculty)

Also worth noting

AUS suspends 15 players, 2 coaches in wake of ugly brawl: (Sportsnet)

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