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MRU Media: 08/05/2021

MRU in the media:

Alberta adds more incentives to lure productions to Canada: (Big World News)

Dawn Farrell appointed to Canadian Natural board of directors: (Stockwatch – Dawn Farrell, chancellor)

Faculty/alum/students in the media:

Why the words media use to describe climate change matter: (National Observer – Sean Holman, faculty)

If Trudeau calls early election, Liberals shouldn’t expect easy majority, experts say: (City News – Keith Brownsey, faculty)

You can’t count your chickens before they hatch in Canadian federal elections: (660 News 11:39:50 – Keith Brownsey, faculty)

Alberta’s Dr. Deena Hinshaw apologizes for ‘confusion, fear or anger’ over lifting of COVID-19 measures: (The Record – Lori Williams, faculty)

Hinshaw’s open letter falls flat for some as she doubles down on provincial response to COVID-19: (CJay 92 – Lori Williams, faculty)

Hinshaw’s op-ed is damage control: (CBC Radio One 06:05:00 – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Feds deny Alberta’s request to allow use of pepper spray for self-defense: (City News – Doug King, faculty)

Politics may have motivated Alberta’s COVID-19 rule rollback: (My McMurray – Lori Williams, faculty)

Alberta’s shift in COVID-19 measures: (Alberta Primetime 07:31:25 – Lori Williams, faculty)

Climate change and drought in the agricultural industry: (CTV News 2:25 – Felix Nwaishi)

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