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MRU Media: 06/30/2022

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

David Finch on Alberta’s reputation: (CBC Radio, Calgary Eyeopener – David Finch, faculty) 

What are the current UCP candidates promising?: (Discover Airdrie – Lori Williams, faculty)  

Alberta Prime Time Politics Panel: (CTV 2 – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Parker: Celebrating the indefatigable Irene Pfeiffer:  (Calgary Herald – Irene Pfeiffer, former staff)

Ralph Bucks. Health care. Electric train.Here’s how Alberta can spend that huge amount of money: ( – Lori Williams, faculty)

10 Albertans facing 139 charges in fentanyl superlab bust near Calgary, says ALERT: (CBC Calgary – Doug King, faculty)

Also worth noting

University of Toronto makes history with launch of new degree in Black health: (Toronto Star)

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