Nominations Closed

Thanks to everyone for their 2018 Calgary Peace Prize nominations. Stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s winner.

The Calgary Peace Prize is an award established by the Consortium for Peace Studies in 2006 to highlight Calgary’s contribution to world peace. The prize recognizes outstanding individuals from the global community whose work has made the world a safer and less violent place.

Nomination Procedure

  • The nomination process is open to the public. (Please note, however, that a nominee cannot self-nominate).
  • All nominations will be put forward to a Selection Committee and narrowed down by means of consensus.
  • Once approved, the Selection Committee will contact each potential recipient according to the prioritized order.
  • The final recipient will be named based on availability.

Selection Criteria

  • Nominees have demonstrated a sustained effort towards peace, social justice, human security, and/or the integrity of the environment.
  • Nominees must be able to attend the award ceremony, where they will give an acceptance address.
  • Although the Committee will entertain all nominations, none will move forward without considering potential sensitivities.
  • The award is intended for one person; however, the Selection Committee may determine that exceptional circumstances merit joint nominations, or nominations
    of organizations.
  • The Selection Committee will announce in coordination with a news release the name of the recipient.