What is a Capstone Course?

What is a Capstone Course?

In the 4th year of the Bachelor of Child Studies (BCST) program, students take a capstone course that involves participating in a project initiated from a community agency in partnership with a faculty member. Capstone Courses are culminating experiences that enable students to integrate and apply what they have learned through advanced intellectual and creative work in their chosen discipline. They are widely recognized as a high impact educational practice with demonstrable results for students, faculty, and community partners. Well-designed capstone courses enable students to apply their knowledge in addressing challenges facing their communities, their profession, and the world

Students enhance their skills in:

  •  critical thinking
  •  analytic reasoning
  •  creative problem solving
  •  effective communication
  •  collaboration

Projects might include but are not limited to:

  •  Research papers
  •  Presentations
  •  Portfolios
  •  Professional level team projects
  •  Community based service learning
  •  Community based research
  •  Internships
  • Conferences
  •  Needs assessments

Outcomes for student learning include but are not limited to:

  •  An integration of learning obtained in the course of study
  •  An opportunity to apply and expand learning to “real world” situations
  •  Improved career preparation and professional development
  •  An enhanced understanding and appreciation for their chosen field
  •  An opportunity to lead and consult on unique projects
  •  Creativity in designing a meaningful and interesting capstone experience
  •  Providing an opportunity for students to showcase their achievements (publishing, presenting, conferences)

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