Patricia M. Derbyshire

Chair – Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation Bissett School of Business, Mount Royal University

Patricia M. Derbyshire– Patti completed her graduate field work in active conflict zones in Sri Lanka and early in her professional career spent time building relationship, acceptance and trust in representing and documenting the generational and intergenerational effects of residential school survivors and their healing journeys. She is humbled to have been given the prerogative to design an evaluation system using Medicine Wheel teachings, implemented successfully, and shared then across Canada as an exemplar of a culturally appropriate program accountability processes. She joined Mount Royal University in 1997 and is the Professor and professional peer in the BBA – Marketing brand studio with the co-presenters/near graduates listed.

Co-presenters: Amanda Schaufele, Lykera Syrnick, and Conlan Wiebe: BBA – Marketing Class of 2016 & Class Delegates W: at Mount Royal University


April 26, 2016
W: at MRU – Resistance. Resilience. Recovery. The Role of Consultation and Allies
2:45 PM  -  4:15 PM