Panel of Experts

On Tuesday morning, the following panel of experts will present information and give attendees an opportunity to ask questions.

Paul Rubner– Det. Paul Rubner has been a police officer in Calgary for 24 years, working in various areas in front-line policing, supervising as well as instructing. For the last seven years he has been in the Vice Unit, where he specializes in dealing with sexually exploited youth. Det. Rubner has presented on the PSECA legislation and domestic human trafficking to various groups, including law enforcement, crown prosecutors, social workers and academics, across various parts of Canada.

Bryan Hume– Bryan Hume is a senior coordinator at Hull Services and has been involved with residential programs service delivery for the past 28 years. He works closely with programs offering services and supports to sexually exploited youth connected with the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act (PSECA) a provincial legislation in Alberta.

Sue McIntyre – Susan McIntyre is President of The Hindsight Group which is a Consulting and Research firm.  She holds a PhD in Socio-Legal Studies from University of Sheffield and has undergraduate degrees in Social Work and Criminology. Susan is a strong community advocate.  She has evaluated organizations and held membership on numerous committees and task forces involving justice, social services, health services, homelessness and education including one on Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking with The Whitehouse.  Recognized for her expertise on child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation Susan is an international research and policy advisor.

Brenda Neis– Det. Neis has been a police officer with the Calgary Police Service for over 25 years and is a Detective currently assigned to the Child Abuse Unit.  Since April 2012, she has been investigating child abuse cases; including sexual abuse, and severe physical abuse and neglect of children up to and including 17 years of age.  She works collaboratively out of the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in Calgary.    Since September 2015, Det. Neis has been seconded to assist the Child Advocacy Centre with training and education around the issues of childhood trauma and maltreatment.

Dale Rideout– Dale Rideout is a Team Leader for the Calgary and Area Region, Child and Family Services, specifically supervising the PSECA program service delivery area.

Kara Boyd– Kara Boyd is an addictions counsellor at Alberta Health Services: Youth Addiction Services and has been working with youth for the past 10 years. During this time, Kara has worked at Hull Child and Family Services providing support to high risk youth and working with community partners. In 2008, Kara moved to AHS- Youth Addiction Services where she was attached to the PChAD program. Her current role is a mobile counsellor specifically working with the PSECA clientele which includes client work and collaborating with other professionals.

Kyla Plourd-Fagan– Kyla is a graduate of the Calgary Drug Treatment Court Program.  Well known to Hull Services, she has drastically changed her life, and continues to speak about her story in hope to help as many young people as possible.

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