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Security Services are starting a blog to minimize the disconnect between the information people need to know and the information people want to know.

With this blog, Security Services hope to give tips and tools for navigating Mount Royal University during the day and at night, as well as useful information to help you to stay safe no matter where you are.

Security Representatives are approachable and would be pleased to assist you with any questions or inquiries that you might have. Each Security Representative will be wearing a name tag. If you have any ideas on how Security Services can do things better, pass your thoughts along.

We encourage you to comment on our posts and provide feedback or ideas for future topics that you are interested in.

For specific questions or concerns you may also contact the Security Manager Peter Davison at

While we always enjoy hearing of your positive experiences in interacting with Security Services, you can share your negative experiences too. This will allow us to examine the way we do business and improve our service

Just a tip…… program Security Services numbers into your cell phone.

Security Services is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Dispatch: 403.440.6897

Emergency/Info: 403.440.5900

If you receive a recording when calling Security, please call  1.877.740.2002

Locker Thefts and Car Prowlings

Just a reminder for everyone on campus to please be mindful of their valuables while on campus and to also please make sure that their vehicles are secure and anything important is kept out of sight or in the trunk.  Call Security Services at 403.440.5900 if you see anyone or anything suspicious in the locker hallways or parking lots.


On February 14th, 2017, Mount Royal University will host the second annual Who’s Frank? panel discussion series: Frankly Speaking… about media and romance.

Mount Royal University and Nelson Mandela High School will be hosting activist, actor, writer, international speaker, and award-winning TV and radio personality, Candy Palmater on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 for a day of anti-bullying awareness.

Find out more HERE

TrustyourgutMRU Fall 2016

The #TrustyourgutMRU campaign was started in November 2015 by a group of students with the goal to “benefit the MRU community through increased awareness with the student body about crimes occurring on campus and the necessary steps to protect themselves”. Security Services appreciates the time and effort these students committed to raising personal safety awareness on campus and would like to continue the effort.

From September 26 through to October 7, 2016, anyone from the MRU community who takes a selfie (or a picture of the tip) with one of the various safety tips posted across campus and posts it to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #trustyourgutMRU will be entered to win a daily prize (weekdays) of various MRU swag and also be entered to win the grand prize of a $50.00 Walmart gift card.

Welcome (back) to MRU

Not going to lie……we are pretty excited that students are back at MRU!

We would like you to be safe and happy while at MRU so please read the following tips:

  • SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS! Seriously. Hide them in your locked vehicle. Try not to store them in your locker, always lock your locker and don’t leave your stuff unattended (especially in the Library and Recreation) – even when you go to the bathroom.
  • Walking around campus alone at night? Give us a call (403.440.6897) and we can provide a SAFE WALK.
  • DRINK RESPONSIBLY – we like our students and would like you to be able to finish your semester. If you are drinking, arrange for a designated driver, use keys please (1.866.586.5397) or call a cab.
  • Did you know that we have a Daycare on campus? Did you know that we have family housing units in Residence? Did you know that the SPEED LIMIT ON CAMPUS is 30km/h? While driving at MRU, please take your time; not only do we have thousands of adult students walking around campus we also have small children.
  • BE SITUATIONALLY AWARE – we know that cell phones are fun but if you are always looking at your phone you have no idea what is going on around you. On that note, if you see something suspicious in the hallways, parking lots or anywhere on campus, please call us (403.440.6897).

Want to chat with Security?

We have recently added a chat function on our webpage that allows anyone anywhere to contact us.

We have made the chat anonymous so if there are questions or concerns that you want or have wanted to talk to Security about but didn’t want to actually talk to us you now have a way that you can comfortably communicate. If you don’t have any questions or concerns but want to say hi we welcome that as well.

The chat will be live from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday and should be responded to within minutes. You can still leave us a message when the chat is not live, you have to leave your email, and we can get back to you the next business day.

Employment Scams

There has been an increase in fraudulent job postings being submitted to Mount Royal’s student job bank recently. Security Services wants to assist in reminding our students to be aware when applying for jobs and the requests that may be made by fraudulent companies.

You can visit the Career Services website where they have provided information about protecting yourself from fraud.

Attention Pokémon Trainers and patrons of Mount Royal University


The release of the recent Niantic title: Pokémon go has been wildly successful and as such we have seen many new trainers on campus.

Due to the popularity of this title Security Services has the following tips to ensure the safe use of all those on Mount Royal Campus.

First some rules to follow:

  • Please ensure all hallways and doorways remain clear. We understand that you may want to catch that elusive Abra but make sure you step to the side and allow others to pass.
  • Please ensure that you pay attention while walking, again we know you are trying to track down your latest catch but it is important you don’t walk into another trainer or instructor.
  • Open Campus hours are from: 06:00 – 22:00 hours; after which time only students who are active MRU students who are studying will be allowed to remain inside the buildings.
  • Do not enter classrooms in use and avoid office corridors as these areas generally are restricted to staff.
  • If any safety issues occur please contact Security Services.
  • Be careful at night around lures, Security patrols regularly however use discretion when playing at night.
  • A reminder that playing while driving is illegal.

Best places on campus to play (Where the stops are!)

  • The Pond (Gym)
  • The Recreation sitting area (gym, 2 stops).
  • Starbucks sitting area (2 pokestop).
  • Memorial Courtyard.
  • Rock Garden between the Science and Technology wing and the EA building.
  • The West Bus Loop by the chair statue (pokestop).


Good Luck, Catch them all.

Mount Royal University

Security Services

CCASA opens satellite site on campus

CCASA opens satellite site on campus

Cari Ionson - CCASA satellite site
Cari Ionson is the first person to hold the position of Sexual Violence Response and Awareness Co-ordinator at Mount Royal University. ~ Photo by Bryan Weismiller

Calgary’s primary sexual violence resource centre now offering counseling servicesMount Royal University and Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) are teaming up in a first-of-its-kind partnership between a post-secondary institution and the city’s leading agency in the field of sexual violence.

Mount Royal is now a satellite site for CCASA, an organization that offers educational resources, specialized counseling and group support to survivors of sexual violence.

As of 2016, an expert from CCASA comes to campus once a week to meet with people impacted by sexual violence.

It’s CCASA’s first satellite site at a post-secondary institution in Calgary. The arrangement is aimed at providing more resources where students learn, live and work.


To book an appointment, call:

Mount Royal Student Counselling Services at 403.440.6362

CCASA support and information line at 403.237.5888

More information can be found online:

Student Counselling Services
Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse

“When young people go to school — that’s their world,” said Danielle Aubry, the agency’s executive director. “It’s stressful enough to go for sexual abuse counseling.

“In partnering with Mount Royal, our primary goal is to ease that stress by making the services more available to the community.”

The partnership between organizations extends back several years to the early days of Stepping Up, Mount Royal’s peer-led dating violence prevention program. That relationship has been strengthened through other joint initiatives, including the 2015 #IBelieveYou educational campaign.

Bringing a sexual assault worker to campus is the next step in addressing an issue that has been raised at universities across North America.

Understanding the nuances, variances and complexities of sexual violence requires considerable expertise, said Cari Ionson, Mount Royal’s first Sexual Violence Response and Awareness Co-ordinator.

“We are working collaboratively to ensure that there’s a presence and specialization on our campus,” said Ionson.

In January 2016, Mount Royal created Ionson’s full-time position to enhance the supports for survivors and help formal processes around disclosures. Having worked for agencies on the frontlines of sexual violence such as CCASA, Ionson brings a wealth of firsthand experience to the job.

She believes in a client-centered and trauma-informed approach that recognizes the widespread responses to sexual violence. Ionson is currently working with advocates on campus, who are staff members trained to support those who come forward with disclosures.

“We are building Mount Royal’s capacity to support people who have experienced sexual violence,” she said. “People must feel empowered to come forward with disclosures to allow us to support them in the best possible way.”

By breaking down the stigmas associated with sexual violence, Ionson expects the number of reported disclosures to increase.

That’s a good thing, according to the experts. Sexual violence is widely recognized as a severely underreported crime — both on and off campus. Schools with higher reported rates are often viewed by experts as environments where students are more comfortable coming forward.

Aubry, the longtime head of CCASA, applauded Mount Royal and other post-secondaries for showing increased leadership.

“I like the shift we’re seeing,” she said. “People are saying that sexual violence needs to be addressed, rather than saying it’s a reputational risk.

“Quite frankly, if I’m a donor or my kid is going to a university, then I want it to be a place where — god forbid something happened — they have good resources to get help and they have the backing of their institution. It’s a totally different way to look at it.”

There are two ways to book an on-campus appointment with a CCASA sexual assault worker. Arrangements can be made through Mount Royal’s Student Counselling Services in the Wellness Services department or through CCASA.

April 5, 2016 — By Bryan Weismiller

One Hour No Power: Campus Challenge 2016 – Saturday, March 19

The Institute for Environmental Sustainability invites the campus community to take part in the annual Earth Hour event organized by the World Wildlife Fund in the global fight against climate change. Mount Royal is joining the One Hour No Power: Campus Challenge 2016. In this challenge, post-secondary institutions volunteer to participate and invite their members to pledge to go without electricity for one hour on Saturday, March 19 at 8:30 p.m. Last year, over 3,500 students, staff and faculty members from thirteen post-secondary institutions across Alberta participated, turning off lights and non-essential electric appliances for 60 minutes. This year, Mount Royal is participating alongside 13 other schools; so we invite all members of the MRU community to visit to pledge their participation and help MRU reach #1 with highest participation rates per capita. If you don’t have a valid email address, you can still take part in Earth Hour by going without electricity on March 19th.

Who’s Frank?

Frank is the physical manifestation of the “elephant in the room” that bullying often is. Bright pink, life-sized and hard to miss, Frank is a bit of an enigma because even though he appears in classrooms, sports fields and arenas, workplaces and just about everywhere else, nobody talks about him.