Conservatory offering new program in music, transmedia this fall


Mount Royal Conservatory is pleased to announce a new music course this fall, bringing the world of digital sound to musicians.

The Extension Certificate in Music and Transmedia is an online program designed for post-secondary music students and professional musicians interested in visual media and interactive storytelling.

The Music and Transmedia program prepares participants to enter a career path in gaming and animation, video production, web and app development, and other forms of transmedia practice. Students will investigate the digital materials and techniques of music and sound environments in today’s transmedia world.

“The music world has gone digital and the best creative minds now work anywhere at any time on their laptops to create the music we live by,” said Mount Royal Conservatory Director Paul Dornian.

“When training musicians to become part of today’s reality it just seemed right to do it online rather than the old model of sitting in a classroom. Creativity is never out of date, but changing digital formats do go out of date. This certificate plugs creative people into the channels that talk to today’s audiences. We don’t tell you what your music should sound like but we will show you how to create it so that the world can listen.”

Watch the video: 

The program consists of eight required courses (180 hours). It includes field experience or a collaborative project with peers. Participants create an electronic portfolio as well.

Registration begins June 9.

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