A Conversation with Violinist Ning Feng

Internationally-acclaimed violinst Ning Feng, photographed by Lawrence Tsang
Internationally-acclaimed violinst Ning Feng joins Mount Royal Conservatory’s Morningside Music Bridge international training school, photographed by Lawrence Tsang

Violinist Ning Feng may be living in Berlin and performing concertos and recitals around

Acclaimed violinist and proud papa Ning Feng shows off his new baby.
Acclaimed violinist and proud papa Ning Feng shows off his new baby.

the globe, but during July, he’s all ours.

The Morningside Music Bridge faculty member has been with us since the international training program began 18 years ago, first as a student and now as a sought-after teacher for masterclasses.

Born in Chengdu, China in 1981, Ning Feng has won many of the world’s most prestigious classical music awards.

We caught up with the violinist (and new father!) between masterclasses to learn more.

Question: What is your philosophy about mentorship?

Ning Feng: The start is to always love what you do. One has to feel passionate for what you do in order to do it well. Everything comes with a lot of work, a lot of frustration, a lot of disappointment. The only thing that keeps us going — regardless of the obstacles in front of us —  is the passion. One has to love what they do in order to do it well.

Question: How big a role has Morningside Music Bridge played in your life?

Ning Feng: So far I’ve played every possible role I can play.  I was one of the very first students, I came back as a translator, and now as a faculty member.

Question: What does Music Bridge mean to you?

Ning Feng: It’s a family for me: my sister is here, my brother is here, I even met my wife here. Ours is the first Music Bridge baby. All of this means the most to me, the relationships that we have.

Here’s what Ning Feng’s student Yaegy, 16, from New York has to say about him:

“I played Bach today and his lesson was one of the most different. Everyone plays Bach the same and I was really happy he approached it in a very different way while also respecting the way I played it — which was different from what he wanted, I could tell. He’s open to new ideas. He respects the students’ decisions while teaching them new things.”

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By Sherri Zickefoose, July 16, 2014

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