Conservatory offering new program in music, transmedia this fall


Mount Royal Conservatory is pleased to announce a new music course this fall, bringing the world of digital sound to musicians.

The Extension Certificate in Music and Transmedia is an online program designed for post-secondary music students and professional musicians interested in visual media and interactive storytelling.

The Music and Transmedia program prepares participants to enter a career path in gaming and animation, video production, web and app development, and other forms of transmedia practice. Students will investigate the digital materials and techniques of music and sound environments in today’s transmedia world.

“The music world has gone digital and the best creative minds now work anywhere at any time on their laptops to create the music we live by,” said Mount Royal Conservatory Director Paul Dornian.

“When training musicians to become part of today’s reality it just seemed right to do it online rather than the old model of sitting in a classroom. Creativity is never out of date, but changing digital formats do go out of date. This certificate plugs creative people into the channels that talk to today’s audiences. We don’t tell you what your music should sound like but we will show you how to create it so that the world can listen.”

Watch the video: 

The program consists of eight required courses (180 hours). It includes field experience or a collaborative project with peers. Participants create an electronic portfolio as well.

Registration begins June 9.

Singing summer camp for adults


After two years performing in a choir, Calgarian Everett Marwood says his group singing experience left him feeling flat.

But he changed that by signing up for Mount Royal’s adult singing classes.

UPDATE: See our Sing! video to hear what instructor Louise Campbell says.

Even though he was familiar with basic musical notation and could play “one-handed keyboard, reasonably well,” Marwood, 68, says he was longing for a better singing experience.

“I find that with choirs, the director is hesitant to provide individual feedback as they don’t want to embarrass anyone,” he said. “So any feedback is general, and one is unsure if it applies to them. That diminishes the individual learning experience. So I was looking for more voice instruction that was specific to me.”

Marwood’s quest to learn more as an adult singer took him online last year and specifically to adult enrichment classes offered by Mount Royal Conservatory.sing!

“I knew Mount Royal had an extensive musical program. That’s how I found Sing!”

For five days last summer, Marwood joined the summer camp for adults. He says the class delivered what he’s been searching for.

This August, popular instructor Louise Campbell and her Sing! Adult Summer Class is back.

“Louise’s class met all of my expectations. It was a small group and Louise worked hard at making individual feedback comfortable. So I felt I received good voice training in a comfortable and non-judgemental environment,” he said.

“I’m a big fan of Louise and her program.”

The five-day summer camp for seniors (Aug. 5-9)  aims to foster the joy of singing by developing basic musical skills (rhythm, melodic memory), basic vocal technique and choral skills (breathing, pitch matching, two- and three-part harmony), repertoire of songs, and learning more about the basics of reading music.

“Singing can be a bit of charged subject for people because many people have been told that they can’t sing or just feel like they can’t for whatever reason,” says instructor Louise Campbell.

“First and foremost it’s a lot of fun. Anytime you try something new, it’s a boost for your confidence,” she says.

Register now for Sing! Adult Summer Class online or by phoning 403.440.6821.

By Sherri Zickefoose, March 25, 2014