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EARTH HOUR 2016: One Hour No Power!

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As part of the annual Earth Hour event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to unite the world in the global fight against climate change, MRU is joining the One Hour No Power: Campus Challenge 2016. In this challenge, post-secondary institutions volunteer to participate and invite their members to pledge to go without electricity for one hour on Saturday, March 19th at 8:30pm.*

Last year, over 3,500 students, staff and faculty members from thirteen post-secondary institutions across Alberta participated, turning off lights and non-essential electric appliances for 60 minutes. Canadian University College won the contest, with the highest participation rates per capita (see results here). Will you help MRU be #1 this year?

Timeline for the One Hour, No Power: Campus Challenge:

MAKE THE PLEDGE! The pledge link on myEARTHHOUR app is LIVE, and the cross campus challenge has begun — so register NOW! All you need is your name and a valid email address (other gmail accounts won’t work). Students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to participate, and can pledge right up until Earth Hour.

March 19, 2016: Challenge closes when Earth Hour begins at 8:30 pm local time. Then we power down!

March 22, 2016: Winners Announced!

In the meantime we invite you to start thinking about what you would do with your own “One Hour, No Power.” Earth Hour has some great suggestions for how to Celebrate the Hour, whether by hosting a candlelit dinner or board game night, or by venturing outside to camp and stargaze. We also think putting together some tasty snacks in advance is never a bad idea 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas.

*If you are unavailable to participate at this time, just go without power for one hour on any date leading up to Earth Hour! Your pledge will still count.


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