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Mount Royal is Now Steps Closer to Waste Diversion from Landfill

Great news! 4-way disposal bins have been implemented on campus.

These will feature 4 separate compartments or 4 bin groups:

  1. Mixed Recycle (like your Single Stream Blue Bin from home)
  2. Refundable (Bottles & Cans, etc. where MRU receives the revenue)
  3. Paper/Cardboard (if the bin set is near a student study area)  OR  Organic (if the bin set is near a food service area)
  4. Landfill

These bins will help all members of the MRU community divert unnecessary waste from landfill. On November 1, 2016, it becomes law that no paper remains in the Landfill waste stream. If you cannot see a Paper/Cardboard bin near by, please place paper or cardboard items into the Mixed Recycle bin, NOT the Landfill bin, as paper is accepted in Mixed Recycle.

All Tim Horton’s cups and lids as well as all Starbucks cups and lids are accepted in the Mixed Recycle and cannot be recycled as Paper/Cardboard.

See below for the list of items accepted in each waste stream:


  • all food waste
  • Good Earth coffee cups & food/drink containers
  • Green Cup (organic coffee/drink cups)
  • Bella Lobby drink glasses
  • all paper towels or napkins
  • wooden chopsticks or wooden stir sticks

cardboard food take out clam shells (eg. Edo take out containers)


  •    paper (magazines, newspaper, office paper and other paper products)
  • cardboard and flattened paperboard (cereal boxes or Tim Horton’s flattened doughnut/muffin boxes)
  • Tim Horton’s and Starbucks coffee cups and food containers,
  • empty PET #1
  • #2 HDPE
  • #3 through #7 injection plastics
  • shrink wrap, stretch wrap or bubble wrap
  • tin, metal, and/or steel cans (preferably rinsed) & metal clothes hangers
  • glass bottles and jars (rinsed) as well as the removed lids
  • dairy and juice containers are allowed (these containers belong in the Refundable stream whenever possible)
  • plastic utensils  – ONLY if they have the stamped recycle symbol (triangle)
  • plastic bottles and containers (yogurt containers – rinsed)
  • aluminium cans

*coffee cups can NOT be placed into Paper & Cardboard Recycle nor Organic Recycle


  • pop cans
  • plastic water/pop bottles
  • milk cartons & tetra paks


Refundables return revenue to Mount Royal if placed into Refundable Recycle
  • non-recyclable plastics e.g. straws, plastic stir sticks, or hard clear plastic packaging without the stamped recycle symbol (triangle)
  • styrofoam
  • plastic utensils WITHOUT the stamped recycle symbol (triangle)
  • cellophane (candy/chocolate bar wrappers)

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