Cyber bullying…

Bullying comes in all forms. Physical bullying is awful and dangerous but I think that verbal or mental bullying puts a greater toll on the victim. Verbal abuse conditions the victim to believe what is said and makes the victim hurt themselves so the bully doesn’t have to. This is a dangerous evolution to bullying and it doesn’t stop at face to face confrontation with the addition of cyber bullying. Now victims cannot escape their tormentors and suffer daily abuse without reprieve. I’ve watched my own little sister suffer at the hands of this type of bullying. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to witness. To see this confident, beautiful little girl believe those horrible things and lose her self-worth killed me. She doesn’t believe in her worth now. There’s even been a time where she’s confessed to me she tried to kill herself and it, still to this day, makes my stomach drop in dread. Sure, I give her a hard time, but I love her more than anything and life without her would be drab. She still suffers mental scars from her tormentors, but is getting better. I see that light in her eye when she talks about her new friends, about going to a new school and it warms me. So bullying almost cost me my little sister and I advocate against bullying and recognizing the signs so someone doesn’t actually lose their sister because of cruel words.



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