I could have stopped it…


Not everyone knows they were a bully. I certainly didn’t. Hell, I was bullied throughout my childhood. I was small, nerdy and different. People picked on me all the time. I grew up pushing people away, just trying to get by. I wanted to be left alone, and because of this I ignored what was going on around me. I wasn’t the one being picked on anymore. He was. He wasn’t my friend, or even anyone I knew well, but it didn’t matter. He was someone who was going through what I went through, and more. He was a classmate being bullied by others almost constantly. I was around for a lot of it, and I never said anything. I sat back and let it happen, at least they weren’t picking on me right? I had successfully gotten them to leave me alone. I threw him under the bus. I could have said something. I could have done something. Instead I sat back and ignored my classmates struggle. I watched as his childhood was tarnished in front of me. It wouldn’t have even been that much of an effort on my part. I could have stopped it. Instead I helped bully him.



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