In my plain clothes…

Bullying is an intentional act that causes physical or mental harm to another person. I think many factors lead to bullying, but mostly a person’s home life and social pressure are two big triggers I felt the biggest impact in middle and high school. I felt excluded by popular kids and teased when I tried to dress like them and fit in. I came from a poor family, so finding resources to continue to try and fit in was just not an option. I gave up trying to look good or talking to the cool kids, I set my standards for life low. $20 jeans and $10 walmart shirts would do. Little did I know that once I graduated high school this would hold me back from getting a good job. I won’t wear a dress! I’m too self conscious. When I look back I feel robbed of a time when I should have been experimenting with makeup, hair colour, and clothes. Now today when I dress up I feel so self conscious and uncomfortable I don’t do well in interviews. I wish I could go in my plain clothes and be myself. If I could go back in time I would dress up despite what others said to me! And I would have pink hair!



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