The corporate world can be toxic…


What is bullying? It is anything– actions, words, etc- that makes someone feel horrible on purpose.

What causes it? Low self-esteem, a cycle of abuse and prior bullying– there is not easy answer.

What is the impact? The impact is far-reaching and destructive. It destroys self-esteem and self-worth and affects one’s abilities to connect with people.

Act of bullying: When I was 22, I started working at a downtown office as an assistant. One of the male partners made it a mission to ensure that I and the other young people in the office were miserable. He insulted me personally, insulted my work and brought me to tears several times– but I never cried in front of him and I’m proud of that. If I did, it would mean that he’d won. The office knew about his destructive behaviour and didn’t do a thing– he was just “like that” and because he made the company money, it was allowed. Bullying doesn’t end after high school. He knew he had the power and the ability to affect me, and he took pride in it. The corporate world can be toxic, especially for a young woman. And in the corporate world, there are no teachers around to stop it, and there is no awareness about bullying. It needs to end.



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