Closer to the edge…


Every taunt, every mean joke, every mean comment has an impact. Bullying is taking away a person’s humanity. Each blow is like a cattle prod striking them down reminding them that they aren’t seen as a human being, but as a target. Each strike pushes them one step closer to the edge. Some decide to turn around and run away from the edge, others take the weightless step into darkness.

Bullying hurts and creates scars that never heal.

I’ll never forget in grade 9 when D**** said he had chocolate on his arm and told me to “lick it off fatty” or the time in grade 4 when nobody wanted to be my partner because I “talked funny”. I was the only person in the class who wasn’t invited to T***’s birthday. I’ll also never forget the countless days I went home crying because someone made fun of my weight or the way I dressed.

I walked away from the edge. Unfortunately, some don’t.


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