Until I realized…

Yes, I was bullied all through out middle school by the same girl and she ended up following my after I moved schools to avoid her. It was literally a situation that I wasn’t able to escape. To this day she thinks its funny that she bullied me growing up. Honestly I use to dread going to school everyday and even fake being sick so that my mom would have to pick me up and take the day off work to see that I really wasn’t sick.

This is when my mom took action in moving schools but this wasn’t preventative at all since the bully followed me.

As I grew up and was ridiculed by her because I didn’t have the ideal body shape and didn’t want a boyfriend all throughout school like she did I was an outcast. I was lucky to find refuge with another girl experiencing similar problems as me.

I avoided this group of girls that she had created to bully me by finding a group of friends thats also wanted to avoid the same group.

By highschool I had learned to cope with bullying and seek happiness in a sport that I went on to play the national team for. I think that bullying is a horrible thing but it isnt preventable. Kids are going to do it whether we encourage them not to or not.

I find that with my experience with bullying I feel empowered and that even seeing that girl to this day that her life hasn’t alined as mine has and I think that is why she always bullied me, was because she saw me as a threat to her popularity.

Basically I have to say that those were the toughest years of my life until I realised that I didnt need to have her a friend to find happiness. Yet I was able to overcome her and look down at her as I continue to rise up within my career and schooling.



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