For Faculty

MRU Faculty: Get Your Course Included in the WMST Minor!

Because Women’s Studies is an “interdiscipline” we always welcome collaboration on course offerings from across campus. We’d love to hear about your course ideas and work together at building dynamic classes for our students here at MRU.


  • Actively foster and model interdisciplinarity at Mount Royal.
  • Attract students who are already interested in courses that feature gender-based analysis and enable them to strengthen that interest.
  • Become part of a growing network of scholars across campus who are committed to and engaged in feminist scholarship and teaching.

Proposal Process

Proposals are due by March 1st.

If you would like your course to be part of the Women’s Studies minor, please submit a sample syllabus as well as a short proposal of approximately 150-250 words describing how the course meets the following criteria:

1.   Content

  • Courses offered as part of the WMST@MRU minor should integrate gender-based analysis throughout and be relevant to a feminist education. In other words, they should go beyond simply having a token week of focus on “women’s issues” or gender. This integration may be demonstrated in any or all of the following: course readings, class activities, planned class discussions, assignments, etc. The submission of a sample/draft syllabus that demonstrates the relevance of course content to Women’s Studies is required as part of the approval process.
  • Goals and values central to Women’s Studies should be reflected in the stated objectives and goals of the course as these appear in the syllabus.

2.   Approach

  • Women’s Studies courses should utilize an intersectional approach as demonstrated through readings, activities, and assignments. As part of any Women’s Studies course, students should learn to identify and appreciate diversity in human experience; readings, class activities, planned class discussions, assignments and other course components should enable students to understand what happens at the intersection of gender, age, skin color, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, national origin, ability and other dimensions of identity.
  • Women’s Studies courses should also be, to the greatest extent possible, transnational in scope; they should enable students to connect the local with the global and to situate Calgary in Alberta, Alberta in Canada and Canada in the world.
  • Course materials should be geared towards gender-based analysis and should be up-to-date and/or reflect an understanding of the current landscape of feminist scholarship; or where dated, are part of a purposeful historical or thematic focus on the part of the instructor.

3.   Community Engagement

  • Course instructors are encouraged to integrate on-campus Women’s Studies events and off-campus events relevant to Women’s Studies into their syllabus as required or recommended components.

Please send both your sample syllabus and a 150-250 word proposal via e-mail attachment to the WMST@MRU Program Coordinator, Kimberly A. Williams at kawilliams(at)mtroyal.ca. Proposals will be reviewed in March each academic year by members of the WMST@MRU Faculty Working Group.