Upcoming Courses

Fall 2015


WMST 1172: Introduction to Women’s Studies

An interdisciplinary study of major issues confronting Canadian women. Topics may include: Canadian feminism in historical perspective, health, sexuality, work issues (such as equal pay, unemployment, pensions and the impact of technology), family issues and women’s role in Canadian politics.


WMST 2205: Issues for Women Globally
This course is an interdisciplinary study of the major issues confronting women within a global context. This course explores the political, social and economic role and status of women from developing countries. Themes may include the impact of economic globalization; citizenship, migration and refugee issues; the global sex trade; women and AIDS; militarization and nationalism; and, transnational feminist alliances for social change. Recommended Preparation: Women’s Studies 1172 or any 2000 level Women’s
Studies course.


WMST 2207: Contemporary Issues in Feminism: Gender and Environmental Justice

This course applies gender-based analysis to leading debates on questions of environmental sustainability. We critically examine ecology and global relations from a feminist perspective. The content of the course is based on an inter-textual approach to learning, utilizing academic research, documentary films, and case-study examples to explore feminist and liberation ecologies. The course investigates the political dynamics that frame our relationships to the environment, and examines sustainability practices and activism from a local and global perspective. Recommended preparation: WMST 1172 or one senior WMST course. For more information, email Prof. Maki Motapanyane at mmotapanyane@mtroyal.ca.


WMST 2239: Gender and Popular Culture

This course will introduce students to feminist and postmodern theoretical perspectives on gender and popular culture. Selected themes may include gender and spectatorship; representing difference; advertising as ideological practice; cyberbodies and technoculture; and subculture and cultural resistance.


WMST 3850: Advanced Special Topics in Women’s Studies: COWBOY CULTURE: Men and Masculinities in Alberta

The specific content of the course will vary by term and instructor. This fall, we’ll use the broad spectrum of feminist, critical race, post-colonial and critical masculinity theories to examine the varied roles of men and standards of masculinities in Alberta. Prerequisite: One of Women’s Studies 1172, 2205, 2221, 2239, 2283.  For more information, email Prof. Kimberly Williams at kawilliams@mtroyal.ca.


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