Women’s Studies Minor

Earn a Minor in Women’s Studies!

Women’s Studies minors learn writing, critical thinking, research, public presentation and leadership skills that are valued by many employers. Employers today are increasingly aware of gender and diversity issues and recognize that Women’s Studies students are trained to deal with them.

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You should consider a minor in Women’s Studies if:

  • You want to learn how to ask complex questions about social and political power hierarchies.
  • You’re interested in the historical, social, cultural and political forces that shape people’s lives.
  • You love to learn.
  • You’re curious about how things that seem “normal” and “natural” got to be that way.
  • You want to explore the roles of women and men in society within both historical and contemporary contexts and from multicultural and multiracial perspectives.
  • You see social problems all around you and want to learn the skills that will enable you to solve them.

Women’s Studies Minor Requirements

A total of just 8 courses is required to complete a Minor in Women’s Studies:

  • WMST 1172: Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WMST 2205: Issues for Women Globally
  • Two 2000-level courses in WMST
  • One 3000 or 4000-level course in WMST
  • Three additional courses from WMST or from approved cross-listed electives.

For more information, contact the WMST@MRU Program Coordinator, Professor Kimberly A. Williams, via e-mail at kawilliams@mtroyal.ca.