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Watch out for the Facebook video scam – 05/15/18


Facebook users around the world are being taken in by the latest video scam. They are receiving Messenger messages containing a video link. When they click on the link, they are taken to a fake Youtube web page and asked to download a browser extension so the video can be viewed.  Of course when they do, they load malware onto their machine that harvests their data and then sends out the same message to all their Facebook friends.

This newest scam is just one of several that use Messenger to deliver malicious links.  These links as well as those in text messages or other messaging apps should be treated the same as links in email:

  • If it is from someone you know, call the sender to make sure they sent it before you click on it.
  • If it is from an organization, visit their website directly to get the information.
  • If you don’t recognize the person or organization, delete the message.


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