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Your customer service complaints on social media might be setting you up – 06/28/18


Most people have heard of the irate consumer that complains about a product or service on social media and is then contacted by the company who offers them something wonderful to make them happy.  This isn’t just an urban legend. Many companies keep an eye out for disgruntled customers on social media so they can address complaints before they cause backlash.

Criminals are taking advantage of this by masquerading as  customer service representatives. Just like the legitimate companies, they set up alerts to be notified when someone posts about a company. They then contact the disgruntled consumer with  an official looking text or email containing a link that  will resolve their issue.

When annoyed consumers click on the link, they get malware loaded onto their machine or device instead of getting help with their complaint .  This is called Angler Phishing.

If you have a complaint with a company, I suggest that you contact them directly. If you decide to make a fuss on social media, be aware that anyone who contacts you could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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