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How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram 04/3/19


Two-factor authentication (2FA) keeps criminals out even when your password is compromised. With passwords regularly being stolen in data breaches, more and more account providers are offering this feature. Instagram is one of them.

They allow you to use an authenticator app or a text message for your second factor. However, removing an authenticator app is not very user friendly (it took 24 hours) so I suggest sticking with the text messaging until this improves.

Worth noting is that Instagram does not remember your devices. So every time you login, you have to enter a confirmation code. This may make 2FA a no go if you access it on your computer and log in and out of your account frequently. If you just use it on your phone, then 2FA is a good option. Otherwise you may want to wait until they upgrade it.

To enable two-factor authentication on Instagram:
  1. Login into your Instagram account.
  2. Click the person icon in the upper right hand corner. Your profile appears.
  3. Click the cog next to the Edit Profile button. A menu drops down.
  4. Select Privacy and Security. The Privacy and Security settings appear.
  5. Select  Edit Two-Factor Authentication Setting. You may have to scroll down to find it.  The  2FA settings appear.
  6. Select Use Text Message.  The Phone number text box appears.
  7. Enter your phone number.
  8. Click the Next button. A code is texted to your phone and a Confirmation Code text box appears.
  9. Enter the code texted to your phone into the Confirmation Code text box.
  10. Click the Done button. A list of Backup Codes appear.
  11. Print off the Backup Codes for use in case you loose your phone or it gets stolen.

Another shortfall of 2FA in Instagram is if you turn it off and then wish to turn it on again, you will have to logout of your account and then login again before you will be given the option to re enable it.



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