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Big yellow banner bad, sometimes – 04/15/20

Have you every opened an email and seen this?



This big yellow banner is a warning that Google has identified the email as coming from outside the Mount Royal network even though it has a Mount Royal email address. This happens when someone on campus is using a cloud based tool to send out communication emails or when someone is pretending to be a Mount Royal student or employee.

We whitelist the cloud based tools used on campus to avoid getting this error on legitimate emails. However, the developers of these tools like to change things once in a while without notice.  If we aren’t able to adjust the whitelist in time,  this banner will show up even if it isn’t malicious.

What do you do if this warning shows up on in email? Stop and take a closer look at the email. If you have seen the exact notification or newsletter before, then it is probably a whitelisting issue. If it is from a person, then it is probably malicious. Not sure, click the PhishAlarm button or forward it to

Updated 05/29/20

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