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Criminals could hack your device through Bluetooth – 9/14/2017


Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Bluetooth enabled devices that would allow an attacker to take control of them with no action on the part of the user. The majority of manufacturers have issued updates to patch this vulnerability.  As Bluetooth is a fairly complicated protocol, experts warn that there may be more vulnerabilities not yet discovered. To protect yourself, make sure you:

  • Keep your device updated.
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not using it

AirDrop allows strangers to send you files and photos


There is a lovely iOS feature called AirDrop which allows you to sent files to anyone within Bluetooth range anonymously. It has facilitated the rather disturbing practice of bluejacking, sending pics of your privates to random strangers in order enjoy the look of shock on their faces. By default this feature is enabled so you can receive files from anyone on your contact list. However some people have inadvertently changed the settings so they can receive files from anyone.

To prevent such unpleasantness,  it is recommended that you disable your AirDrop unless you are using it.  To turn AirDrop off:

  1. Swipe up to view the Control Center.
  2. Select AirDrop Receiving.
  3. Select Receiving Off.