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MRU media makers: 09/22/2015

MRU in the News 

Calgary Philharmonic, Calgary Opera offer stellar opening night for Bella Concert Hall: Herald)

Students/Experts/Alum in the News

1.) Tory MLA regrets sponsoring controversial bill under Prentice government: (Calgary Herald — Duane Bratt, professor)

2.) Political scientist says premier’s choice of words could have been better: (660 News — Lori Williams, professor)

3.) The right time to talk to your kids about drugs, sex and alcohol: (Yahoo!— Peter Choate, professor)

Other notable mentions

1.) Cowboy Smith lauches RedX Talks, the first indigenous speaker series: (Global News)

2.) Making Treaty 7 seeks to overcome loss: (Herald)

3.) Office realty firm happy to help with Catholic Family Service – Calgary: (Calgary Herald)

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