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MRU media makers: 02/22/2016

MRU in the News
1.) Post-secondary focus starts early: (Calgary Herald —  Alice MacKichan, director)
2.) A downturn can open up new career opportunities: (Calgary Herald — Matt O’Rourke, student & Phil Warsaba, AVP)
3.) Calgary post-secondary institutions fertile ground for entrepreneurs: (Calgary Herald — Paul Shumlich, student & Ray DePaul, director)
Students/Experts/Alum in the News
1.) Calgary MP taking heat for cashing transition allowance, but isn’t the first: (Global News —  Duane Bratt, professor)
2.) Money woes and media qualifications challenge Notley government: (Globe & Mail — Duane Bratt, professor)
3.) A peaceful ‘kudatah’? NDP opponents want to take down party from within: (Calgary Herald — David Taras, professor)
4.) Calgary-Greenway by-election could end in PC Wildrose merger: (660 News — Duane Bratt, professor)
Other notable mention
Calgarians launch app to make it easier for parents to find daycare: (660 News)
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