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MRU media makers: 01/13/2017

MRU in the News

City choir helps boys find their voice for forty-three years: (Calgary Herald/Postmedia — Paul Grindlay, Conservatory)


Students/Experts/Alum in the News

1.) Taking advantage of the carbon tax? (CTV News Calgary — Paul Varella, faculty)

2.) STARS saved her life after tree crashed down at Cow Lake: (Red Deer Advocate — Lorinda Bye, student)

3.) (Red FM — Anupam Das, faculty)
Subject: rising childcare cost in Canada. [Audio not available online]

4.) Calgary police looking at less lethal weapons to arm frontline officers: (Metro News — Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

5.) Experts says allegations against Calgary Police Association president couldn’t come a worse time: (Global News — Ritesh Narayan, faculty)


Other notable mentions 

MRU appointment is music to his ears: (Calgary Herald —Sudhir Jain)

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