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MRU Media: 10/03/2018

This report is a weekday roundup of news about MRU, faculty experts, students and alumni, and other topics of interest.

MRU in the news

Say it aint ‘snow!’ Calgary, MRU commuters battle record snowfall: (Calgary Journal – Bridget Williamson, Gabriel Ramos, Shahmir Qaiser, students)

Students/experts/alum in the news

Exploring Alberta’s Sikh history: (CBC Radio – The Homestretch – Michael Hawley, faculty)

Quebec elects CAQ majority government:  (CTV News Channel – Lori Williams, faculty)

Book Review: ‘Parallel Destiny (A Flashback Novel Book 3)’ by Simon Rose: (San Francisco Review of Books – Simon Rose, faculty)

Also worth noting

Canada’s newest Nobel Prize winner, Donna Strickland, ‘just wanted to do something fun’: (Globe and Mail)

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