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MRU Media: 07/27/2021

Faculty, alum, students in the media

New governor general Mary Simon offers hope to Indigenous people: (CBC Radio News – Linda Manyguns, AVP)

Efforts ramp up to find girl allegedly abducted by grandparents and taken overseas: (Global News – Kelly Sundberg, faculty)

Jay Blankenau looking to amend unfinished business from last Olympics: (Calgary Sun – Jay Blankenau, alumnus)

Burned out and demoralized: Some Alberta nurses look to leave amid province’s bid to cut pay: (CBC News – Lori Williams, faculty)

Discussing proposal to allow pepper spray to fight hate crimes: (July 23, 9:46 p.m. (News 770, CHQR – Doug King, faculty)

Firing an officer not as easy as it sounds:  (660 News – Doug King, faculty)

Also worth noting: 

Province pumps the brakes on U of C tuition increase plans, citing inadequate student consultation: (Calgary Herald)

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