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MRU Media 03/25/2022

MRU in the media

‘Excited’ Cougars get do-over at U of C-hosted women’s volleyball nationals: (Calgary Sun – Madison Marshall, Quinn Pelland, students; Shane Smith, staff) 

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Are you ready to go back to the office?: (CityNews – Melanie Peacock, faculty)

Kenney seriously considered leaving his post before deciding to fight for his job: audio recording: (Global News – Lori Williams, faculty)

‘I don’t need this job’: Kenney says he has to stay to keep ‘lunatics’ from ‘trying to take over the asylum’: (CVC News – Duane Bratt, faculty)

Distrust of premier extends to staff, recording suggests: (CBC Radio News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Look West: Criminal anthropologist says Alberta at heart of unrest, protests: (CTV News – Cathy Prowse, faculty)

Canada West awards four players on the Mount Royal women’s hockey team: (Calgary Journal – Tianna Ko, Zoe De Beauville, Anna Purschke, Mackenzie Butz, students; Scott Rivett, staff)

Rush activate Klotz, sign Helgesen’s brother: (Rapid City Journal – Tyson Helgesen, student)

Also worth noting

New short film shows how 2 university students circumvent Vancouver’s high rental costs: (CBC News) 

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