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MRU Media: 01/25/2023

MRU in the media

Revv 52 choir performing 70th anniversary show at Bella Concert Hall: (Global News at 5)

Faculty, students and alumni in the media

Real Weddings: Dean Paddock and Ivan Malyshev’s impromptu elopement: (Avenue Magazine – Ivan Malyshev, alumnus)

Therapy influencers changing approach to mental health, not always for the good: (CBC Radio across Canada – Dan Devoe, faculty) 

Alberta NDP says it would scrap COVID-19 review panel if party wins election: (Global News – Lori Williams, faculty) 

Danielle Smith just can’t quit the pandemic: (National Observer – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Manning named to head Covid inquiry, mirroring fictional report he penned: (QR Calgary – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Wider investigation needed into alleged emails: (CBC News at 6 – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Search for emails to prosecutors too narrow: (CBC Radio News – Duane Bratt, faculty) 

Also worth noting

Whistleblowers allege U of T data project collected 600K patient records without consent: (Global News) 

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