Patient Voice (2014)

The  School of Nursing and Midwifery (SoNM) at Mount Royal University is pleased to host our Fourth Annual Signature Event Conference.   The mandate of this year’s Signature Event is to explore advances and opportunities in clinical nursing education, collaborative practice, and interprofessionality.

The keynote address, break-out sessions, and a public forum panel will address issues underpinning the patient voice in health care education, care planning and service delivery.

Signature Event Objectives:  At the conclusion of this conference participants will:

  1. Describe methods that are effective in eliciting the patient voice;
  2. Envision strategies to ensure the patient voice that is marginalized or under-represented is heard in care planning;
  3. Understand the patient voice in theoretical education (e.g. personhood, transition) and invite the patient voice into clinical practice (e.g. advance care planning).
  4. Recognize how the patient voice influences lesson plans and assignments;
  5. Describe the impact of the patient voice on healthcare systems and service delivery.

P1 Rose (2014) Centering Women and Newborns in Health Human Resources (HHR) Planning Listening to the voices of women to inform primary maternity health care in Nova Scotia

P2 Trueman et al (2014) The Patient Voice How expert nurses support diabetes self management on the street

P3 Dawson, et al. (2014) Integrating the Patient Voice into Second Year Clinical Practice

P4 Bensler (2014) Empowerment and capacity-building Lessons learned through partnership with indigenous leaders in the jungles of South America

P5 P13 Colbourne (2014) Collaborative Care Teams – ‘Coaching’ to Support the Patient Voice

P6 Gunn (2014) The Patient Voice and the Social Determinants of Health

P6 Gunn (2014) HANDOUT

P7 Russell (2014) An uneasy subjection The emergency room encounters of health professionals and women with cardiac symptoms

P8 Norrena (2014) Beyond the skills Using simulation to teach ethics

P9 LaValley et al (2014) Clear Language as Powerful Catalyst

P11 McNaughton et al (2014) CAYAC Child and Youth Advisory Council from Alberta Children’s Hospital

P13 Gordon (2014) How do you engage student nurses in understanding the meaning of aging and population health concerns as experienced by the older adult

P14 Pryma (2014) Listening to Women’s Voices of Strength

P16 Tonellato et al (2014) The voice that matters

P17 Powell et al (2014) Oncology Nursing – A domain for Nursing Students

P18 Choate (2014) The voice of the child in parenting assessments for child protection Implications for the healthcare system