Christmas in Song with the Heebee-jeebees

Christmas in Song is coming up fast on Saturday, Nov. 29.

Christmas in Song with emcees the Heebee-jeebees: Cedric Blary, Chris Herard, Ken Lima-Coelho and Jonathan Love., calgary christmas concerts, mount royal Conservatory
Nov. 29th is Christmas in Song with emcees the Heebee-jeebees: Cedric Blary, Chris Herard, Ken Lima-Coelho and Jonathan Love. Call 403-440-7770 for tickets.

Christmas in Song is coming up fast on Saturday, Nov. 29.

The festive musical tradition showcases classical masterpieces and traditional favourites from our family of choirs and the Calgary Youth Orchestra, along with some seasonal swing, courtesy of our jazz faculty.

But it wouldn’t be the holidays without guest emcees the Heebee-jeebees.

The award-winning, comic a cappella group – Mount Royal alumni who were born and raised in Calgary – have been together for more than 20 years.

The hilarious, entertaining and extremely talented quartet have been a part of Christmas in Song for years.

We asked the group to share their favourite Christmas in Song moments through the years.

Cedric Blary
“In my four years playing clarinet in the Academy and diploma programs at the Conservatory, I feel like I learned so much about classical music in its many forms.  From seeing the prodigious talent of 13-year-olds playing Paganini to performing in masterclasses for some of my musical heroes, not to mention the chance to play in the CYO, the opportunities then and now are outstanding for any young musician and I am delighted to, once again, be a part of this festive showcase.

“As a Heebee-jeebee, one of my favourite memories of Christmas in Song is that of our first appearance, waiting backstage wearing one of our ‘less-than-traditional’ costumes and seeing the incredulous looks of amusement and bewilderment on the faces of the musical directors who had likely just finished a thoughtful and inspiring talk to their choristers about focus, listening and connecting with the lyrics.”

Chris Herard
“As emcees, the Heebee-jeebees get a lot of opportunities to interact with the performers.  I am constantly blown away by the talent, focus and high quality performances of the youth involved, and their incredible directors. My favourite memories are always the ones where we have performed alongside these talented musicians. A specific memory which stands out was our collaboration with the CYO to present PDQ Bach’s Beethoven’s Fifth baseball parody two years ago.  It was one of those brilliant and entertaining moments which for me defines what each Christmas in Song is.

“As a local music educator, I also revel in the pride of knowing many of the students involved every year, having either taught them in the distant or near past, or currently teaching them today.  It’s a proud moment for a teacher when we see students so engaged and having the time of their lives performing on the big stage.”

Ken Lima-Coelho
“My favourite part of Christmas in Song is the diversity of ages in the talent represented onstage. From the young, fresh faced children’s groups singing their hearts out, to the focused and “wise beyond their years” Youth Orchestra virtuosos  to the, um, long-experienced but equally eager Kantorei singers (of which I was one,) everyone is there to make magical, beautiful and moving music. And there is also the Heebee-jeebees.”

Jonathan Love
“Christmas in Song is a magical holiday tradition where every year, we get upstaged by MRU’s gifted performers.  It always makes me wish I had practiced more.”

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