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A word from our Director – Noise Issue

Thank you all for taking the time to express your concerns and to offer suggestions about noise in the Library. As you noted, unfortunately noise has been an ongoing challenge given our very limited space and open design. Not to mention the sometimes competing needs of students. It was a good reminder too for all of us who work at the public service desks in the Library and I know everyone is being more careful about their volume.

We are pursuing plans to renovate our Library viewing room and are considering this as a possible ’silent’ study area. There are some things we might be able to do more immediately such as better designation of ‘very quiet’ study areas — maybe carrels for example. We will look closely at what quicker fixes might be possible.

I would also like to extend an invitation to you, and any other student reading the blog, to consider becoming a member of our new Student Library Advisory Committee. The intent of this committee is to provide input and advice for the Library. This would include arising issues (such as noise management), service improvements and of course planning for our new Library and Learning Centre building. If you are interested, or if you want some more information, please feel free to send an email.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Keep them coming.

Carol Shepstone
Director, Library

2 thoughts on “A word from our Director – Noise Issue

  1. I am very encouraged to hear about the Student Library Advisory Committee, and I am very excited to get involved. It is nice to hear there is active development for an in-term solution, but also serious consideration taken for the future library space. I think, the majority of frustrations felt are a result of lack of support from those seeking a silent/quiet/true work space. The library’s policies are clearly stated and yet, there does not seem to be an active enforcement process and then, when the noise is out of control, staff feel powerless to “turn down the volume”.
    It is nice to hear there are people listening and willing to take noise conerns to heart, I think that is half the battle right there.

  2. Hi Carol,

    I am very encouraged to learn of the proactive position being taken. I think that with the time I have spent at MRC and related experience I could possible be of help on the Student Library Advisory Committee.


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